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All Day Menu

All items are made with Zabihah halal meats, and available throughout the day.


Must try sammiches! We are really famous for these.

Mini Beef Shawarma (Half) image

Mini Beef Shawarma (Half)


Mini Chicken Shawarma (Half) image

Mini Chicken Shawarma (Half)


Mini Falafel Sandwich (Half) image

Mini Falafel Sandwich (Half)


Beef Shawarma (Full) image

Beef Shawarma (Full)


Chicken Shawarma (Full) image

Chicken Shawarma (Full)


Gryo Sandwich (Full) image

Gryo Sandwich (Full)


Falafel Sandwich (Full) image

Falafel Sandwich (Full)


Beef Philly Cheese Steak image

Beef Philly Cheese Steak


Chicken Philly Cheese Steak image

Chicken Philly Cheese Steak


Hotdog Supreme image

Hotdog Supreme


Beef Burger


Chicken Burger


Halal Pizzas

Made from scratch pizzas that warms your heart!

Four Cheese image

Four Cheese

As cheesy as it can get!


Pepperoni image



Beef Supreme image

Beef Supreme


Chicken Supreme image

Chicken Supreme


Tandoori Chicken image

Tandoori Chicken

Clay oven baked chicken, marinated with spices!


Meat lovers  image

Meat lovers


Chicken Alfredo


BBQ Chicken


Buffalo Chicken



Halal Wings

Jumbo size wings, fried to perfection and tossed in the most flavorful house made sauce.

5 piece Traditional Wings image

5 piece Traditional Wings


10 piece Traditional Wings image

10 piece Traditional Wings


15 piece Traditional Wings image

15 piece Traditional Wings


Tenders (5 piece) image

Tenders (5 piece)


Tenders (10 piece) image

Tenders (10 piece)


Tenders (15 piece) image

Tenders (15 piece)


Nuggets (8 piece) image

Nuggets (8 piece)


Nuggets (16 piece) image

Nuggets (16 piece)



Garden Salad image

Garden Salad


Falafel (5 pieces) image

Falafel (5 pieces)


Fries (Large)


Chicken Samosas (2 pieces)


Beef Samosas (2 pieces)


Veg Samosas (2 pieces)


Hummus (Large)



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Soda Can


Honest Kids - Organic Fruit Punch


Water Bottle


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